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In a well-made book, where designer, compositor and printer have all done their jobs, no matter how many thousands of lines and pages, the letters are alive. They dance in their seats. Sometimes they rise and dance in the margins and aisles.

My name is Suki Boynton, and I am a book and graphic designer based in New York City. For over three years I've worked on books that encompass a wide range of genres: fiction, folklore, biography, narrative nonfiction, thriller...the list continues to grow. I've also created compelling graphics and illustrations for academic journals, guidebooks, and a children's book series. When I'm not justifying type, kerning letters, and illustrating,

I am working with clients on various aspects of their specific brands (marketing materials, logos, visual assets, etc.) that appropriately reflect and bolster their identities.

 Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

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